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Random Ramblings (And Alliteration!)

Who? Wha...? Where am I?

20 April 1990
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My name is Graendell, it's an old name from an old MMO of mine. ^__^.
I'm currently a freshmen in college with a nursing intent major. (Meaning I've yet to get accepted into the actual program.) I've got a lovely boyfriend that I've been with for over four years now. I won't really call myself an artist, but I love to draw, paint and craft random stuff.
I love greens, purples and blues (especially neons and pastels) for colors. Horror and thriller are my favorite genre of movies and books (definately psycho-thriller; yay Dean Koontz), though I cannot stand hack-and-slash type of movies (but as games, that's fine). I love love love zombie thrillers, and anything related to that. I am currently working on a casual (no intent for making it published or really well known) pre/post apocalyptic story. You'll probably see alot of the main character in art on here.
And um, there's no label what-so-ever for me. I wear jeans/school shirt/band shirt/hoodie, about it.

A few of my favorite things *hums the Sound of Music song*:

-28 Days Later
-Disco Pigs (All of these are Cillian Murphy movies. P:)
-Requiem for a Dream
-Donnie Darko

Mainly rock like System of a Down, Disturbed and such. I also like bands like Underworld, Tori Amos, Splashdown, Nine Inch Nails, Cold and the such.