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January 2009  

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Writer's Block: Back to School  
12:04pm 25/01/2009
To be honest, I'd only want to go to Hogwarts if I EVER had to go back to high school, because if I have to go back, I'd rather do something interesting...
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Writer's Block: Robotic  
11:58am 25/01/2009
Bender from Futurama!
And the robot from 'Lost in Space'.
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Quick, credit due where it needs to!  
11:38pm 24/01/2009

Okay, just letting you guys know that I got these following icons from: [info]cake_and_punch 
Thank you!

mood: blahblah
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New to Livejourn/ Sick Laptop.  
11:10pm 24/01/2009
So...I'm definately writing this as I sit in the stuffy dorm computer lab since my laptop's hard drive decided to be wonky. I hope it gets fixed since that thing hasn't even worn it's warrenty yet. *huggles the laptop*
Well, as you can tell, I'm new to livejournal...and I don't even have friends yet. ): I don't think any of my friends actually HAVE one of these. *shrugs* I hope to make new friends then. ^__^
They always say it's nice to write about stuff just to get it off your chest.
mood: lazylazy
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